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California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

In order to become a member, the student must submit an application at the beginning of each semester (2 terms) reflecting the previous semesters grades.

What is CSF?

The California Scholarship Federation is an honor society that recognizes highest academic achievement. Membership in our organization signifies excellence in academic achievement.

Who can join?

  • Seniors and Juniors who qualify are invited to apply in both August and January.
  • Sophomores who qualify are invited to apply in January.
Note: More CSF FAQ'S posted on our site and complete a CSF application form also available.

When can students join?

  • The first three weeks after quarter ends in January (using Fall grades).
  • The first three weeks of a new school year in August (using Spring grades).

How do you join?

Membership must be applied for each SEMESTER (end of term 2 / end of term 4) and is based on grades from both grading periods (terms 1 and 2 for the Spring and terms 3 and 4 for the Fall) of the prior semester.

You’ll need proof of your grades from the prior semester using any ONE (1) of the following methods:
  • a copy of your transcript 
  • a copy of the grade reports that were mailed to you
You must pay a volunteer membership fee of $7-$10.00 along with the completed application and grade info each term.

What are the benefits?

Students who maintain membership for a minimum of four terms (one of which must be using grades from their SENIOR year) are awarded Life Time Membership.

Life Time members are honored on Senior Award Night by receiving:
  • a CSF Lifetime pin
  • a separate CSF gold seal diploma and
  • an Honor Cord to wear at Graduation!

Who do you contact?

Lew, Joanne Teacher