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The mission of Cosumnes Oaks Medical Careers Pathway is to provide the skills and foundational knowledge for students to pursue post-secondary options for healthcare careers and educational programs. The COHS Medical Careers Pathway is a 3 course pathway designed for students who intend to enter the healthcare career field.  The pathway curriculum focuses on foundational knowledge and skills needed to be successful in any career involving patient care. The pathway has been aligned with industry developed core competencies and skills, as well as, three Los Rios Community College Courses required for health pathway programs. This pathway also includes guest speakers, job shadowing, internship opportunities and mentorships with industry partners and pre-med students from local colleges.

Pathway Courses

Medical Careers I: Anatomy and Medical Terminology
Medical Careers I is the first in a series of elective courses designed to prepare students to enter a career in healthcare. This course exposes students to the healthcare industry by surveying the wide spectrum of healthcare occupations. Students will learn about the anatomical structures of the human body, medical terminology and skills that apply to a variety of health occupations. Students will explore the major career fields and be able to distinguish between technical, professional, and entry level positions within each area.
Medical Careers II: Physiology and Pathology
This course integrates Next Generation Science Standards integrated with Patient Care Health Pathway standards.  Students will investigate the various pathologies of each system, explore the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and medications relevant to each system. Students will learn about the medical careers and specialties for each body system. Students will develop patient care and employability skills. Learning will be enhanced through the use of laboratory experiments, research, case studies and dissections.  Students will have the opportunity to earn 3 college course credits for medical terminology.
Medical Careers III: Advanced Patient Care Skills
This course is designed to prepare students to enter a career in healthcare and exposes students to the healthcare industry by providing hands-on learning of advanced patient care skills.  Students will learn how to obtain vitals, perform ECG, diagnostic tests, injections, wound care, suturing, and CPR/AED.  Students will have the opportunity to earn an AHA BLS certification.  Students will research and discuss healthcare in a multicultural society and complete a diversity in healthcare project.
Pre-Requisite(s): Medical Careers II, Mathematics III (recommended)

Industry Partnerships

Dignity Health Sutter Medical
UC Davis Kaiser

Career Exploration Opportunities/Pathway Benefits

Medical Careers I and II: Job Shadowing (8-12 hours) Medical Careers III: Internship (40-60 hours)
Senior Seminar and Showcase Real-world scenarios and simulations
Hands on patient care procedures and skills Vital signs and Diagnostic Testing
Medical Team Dynamics and Communication Skills EKG
Mock surgery/ Dissections Disease Research and Treatment plans

Post-Secondary Partners and Alignment

  • California North State University: Medpros Club guest speakers and seminar co-hosts, pathway patient skills tutoring and mentoring.
  • Los Rios Community College District: pathway courses alignment:
  • CRC AH 301 Medical Terminology
  • SCC AH 301 Health Care in a Multicultural Society
  • Nurse 325 Medical Dosage and Calculations

Student Outcomes

Portfolio: Resume’ with industry contacts, records of job shadowing and internship, patient care competency checklist, medical term dictionary, norm charts, diagnostic tests reference charts, CPR certification and culminating projects.
Projects: 10th grade Community Service Project: Co-Host a health check seminar with CNU students and Medpros club members. Students will perform basic health checks and education to CNU students, COHS student body and community members. The basic health checks will include, blood pressure, BMI, pulse, respiration rate, lung sounds and general healthy lifestyle patient education.
11th Final Project: In this lesson, students use models or demonstrations and multimedia to illustrate physiological function of the human body and how the function is affected by a condition or disease. The presentation will include the cause, symptoms, treatments, prevention, and medical professions involved in the health condition. They present their work at an A&P Seminar, attended by invited guests.
12th Senior Portfolio Defense and College Career Plan: Students will present their portfolio to CNU mentors, internship employers and pathway teachers to show competency of patient care skills and healthcare knowledge needed to be successful in the healthcare industry. Students will present their college/training goals and pathway they have chosen to reach their career goals. This will the specific colleges or training programs, prerequisites, gateway courses, certifications, timeline/duration, cost, and application requirements and application processes into advanced training programs or degrees.