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Campus Visitors and Alumni Visiting Policy



An Important Reminder!

Complying with Penal Code 626.8, all visitors (including parents) must check in the main office before entering the school campus. Once you are cleared in the main office, you will be issued a visitor’s badge and escorted or directed to the location of your meeting. We are particularly sensitive to this issue before/after school when the gates are open for the students to access the campus.

Please do not ever go directly to a teacher’s classroom without first being cleared in the main office, nor should you enter the campus for any reason without prior authorization. 

Drop-in visits may not be permitted. If you need to meet with a teacher you should make an appointment with that teacher in advance, and then register in the main office before heading out to the classroom. Our security protocols are in the place for the safety and security of our students and staff. Cosumnes Oaks High School does not issue any student visitor passes.
A directory of all personnel is available on our website, and also by calling our main office, (916) 683-7670.

The front office is not able to accept any items to be delivered to students. This includes books, lunches, money, sports equipment, flowers, balloons, clothing, etc. In addition, food deliveries by outside companies, such as Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc. and or individuals, are not allowed on our campus, including deliveries to parking lots, gates, and fences. For the safety and security of our campus, please adhere to these policies.

ALUMNI . . . Please READ!

Pre-arranged visits from COHS alumni are welcomed, but will be expected to follow these guidelines:
  1. The visit must be pre-arranged and the staff member who is expecting the alumni visitor must notify the front office in advance.
  2. The alumni visitor must check in at the front office to receive a visitor badge.
  3. The name of the staff member being visited will be written on the visitor badge.
  4. The alumni visitor will be directed to the staff member classroom. The staff member could also send an escort to the office to wait for the visitor.
  5. When the visit is completed, the staff member will either escort the visiting alumni back to the front office or use a student escort. In order to ensure the alumni visitor has departed from campus, an escort is expected.
Once on campus, the alumni visitor should always be accompanied by the staff member. The staff member will not release the alumni visitor to visit with other staff members or mingle with the student population. If the alumni visitor asks permission to visit with other staff members, the staff member who arranged the visit may email others to inquire, yet the original staff member is ultimately still responsible for the alumni visitor.
Staff members should notify administration immediately if an alumni visitor unexpectedly visits. In notifying administration, include the name of the staff member written on the alumni visitor’s badge. If the alumni visitor is not wearing a badge, he/she should be escorted to administration immediately.

Thank you for your support to keep our campus safe.